Derp is the living embodiment of memes.

Origin Edit

Derp was once a praised scientist, known then as Ryan J. Engiebottom (Son of John P. Engiebottom). Creating the unlimited energy orb, it was planned to advance humans 500 years ahead. But after being exposed to the orb for so long, it created a wormhole to the dimension known only as Memeon. After being pulled in with the orb, the orb exploded in Ryan's hands. The explosion caused the energy substance to infinitely spill in the Memeon dimension, destroying everything in it. Ryan's brain was left unscathed and without a body, the infinite energy and the infinite darkness of the wormhole created a new form around it.

Career Edit

After learning his powers, Derp teleported himself to the time before the universe. There he trained his new body, in the absolute nothingness of nothing. After 80,000 years of training, Derp returned to make sure certain events happened, Derp made sure that Sinned Yrden was created, Derp was the real creator of the future lightning event of 1930. He now sits within the Memeon dimension, controlling the Memevengers.