John P. Engiebottom is the founder of the original Engieclan (1st generation).

648px-TPH Engineer

Early Life Edit

John was born to a poor farmer family, his life was never the same after his 9th birthday though. During cake time, Tiglard and Lord Pepe jumped out from a time portal and shot up John's mom and dad. Before leaving, Lord Pepe whispered in John's ear "TFW no parents". For the remainder of his childhood, John lived with his uncle, Thomas Engiebottom.

Career Edit

John founded "The Sentry Nest" Club in his late 20's. One day he was approached by a brown-hooded thin pasty man, telling him of his destiny. Before he could question him, the man returned through a portal similar to that of the one he was as a child. He followed the told story and created the EngieClan.

Death Edit

On April 20th, 1930. John walked by a neighborhood as 3 lightning strikes struck around him. One hitting a child on the street, burning his body to the bone. Another struck the window, of a house where a boy was creating the first memes. The third struck him, killing him. Ripperoni...