NG-VI: Derp is the 6th book in the NG series.

Synopsis Edit

Dizzy reveals her true intentions the whole time as the overseer of memekind. It now lays in the hands of 5 NGs (Cubewano ripped in the last book, sad). But they split as their opinions change. Team Tacoze: Tacoze, Dubzi, Zack, Dennis Nedry, Bane. Team Grax: Grax, Gables, CIA, Namnoom, Skele-Spookster. Who will win? Who will die? Will Derp be stopped? After the death of all but Dennis Nedry, CIA, Gables, Grax, and Tacoze. The 5 standing realize what has happened. They transfer their remaining powers into CIA so he may fulfill his destiny as the hero of Earth T-19. CIA kicks ass against Derp and wins. END GAME...?